Diploma in Forestry

About Diploma in Forestry

Kali Gandaki Polytechnic Institute offers three years Diploma in Forestry course. The course improves elementary understanding on global issues relating to environment and enables student to undertake basic forestry and other environment related projects. It follows the course content of I.Sc. Forestry program, run by CTEVT. Besides employment opportunities, the graduates of this course will have opportunity to continue B.Sc. Forestry degree.

This curriculum is based on the development of both effective and efficient forestry service providers as professionals for fulfilling the present forestry needs of people with its socio-cultural impacts on national and community forest management. The approach will focus on addressing second-generation issues of present forestry sector such as in community forestry management, soil conservation and watershed management wild life and protected area management etc. This field has been helping the world for the overall development and it has been creating wage and self employment opportunities both in public and private sectors. This curriculum is designed with the purpose of producing middle level forestry technical human resources required for livelihood improvement of community through the participatory methods in association with the community forestry user groups.


Students of SLC passed / SEE with  securing at least Grade C in any two subjects of English , Math & Science and D+ for remaining one subject are eligible to appear in the entrance exam administered by the CTEVT.


Application forms for the entrance exam can be obtained from Kali Gandaki Polytechnic Institute or CTEVT Tanahu. Students who are successful in the entrance exam are eligible for admission in this program.

Admission Tuition fee

Currently, the total fee for the 3 year program is NPR 97,500. Students can make full payment of the capitation fee on enrolment or partial payment on installments in the beginning of every year. The fees are liable to changes anytime. For full detail of fee and scholorship please contact us.

What after Forestry

Once you completed the Forestry program, you can get jobs in many sectors. You can have government, non-government jobs. Some of the employment opportunities for forestry professionals are given below:

1. Government Sector

In government sector there is great scope for forestry graduates in many sectors. For example forestry graduates can become the Range officer.

2. Universities and Research center

The highly educated forestry professionals can join the university teaching and research.

3. Self employment

The forestry professionals can launch their own enterprises in the field of plan nursery center, furniture industries, agriculture implement centre etc.


Employment opportunities exist in non-governmental organizations interested in preservation of forest resources.

5. Foreign Jobs

The doors are open to the talented and experienced forestry professionals in the international agencies working in the field of forestry. For example you can get job on International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources (IUCN), World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), World Bank etc.

Downloads Details

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