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Diploma in Forestry Batch 2075 Students & Teachers
सरसफाई अभियान मार्फत जनचेतना कार्यक्रम 2075
KGPI New Building Construction Update_10
प्रथम वार्षिकोत्सव का अवसरमा आयोजित वृक्षारोपण र अतिरिक्त कृयाकलाप22
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About Kali Gandaki Polytechnic Institute

Kali Gandaki Polytechnic Institute (KGPI) was established as one of the CTEVT constituted technical and vocational training school in 2075(2017/18). It is located at Ghiring Municipality Puttar, Tanahun . The programs and services of the school are mandated by an Act of the Council for Technical Education and Vocational training (CTEVT). It is designed as an urban technical school to produce basic and middle level technical workforce suitable for the growing need in manufacturing, industrial activities and other constructional works and services for society. The school comprises with physical facilities in abundance for teaching and training technical workforce. Starting with a training program in Diploma in Forestry, it has now grown up enough to claim that it is one of the leading technical training provider in the country. Now it has its own buildings, workshops, laboratories and other facilities adequate enough to offer various short term trainings, lunching several TSLC and other diploma programs. Presently, KGPI is conducting three years Diploma course in forestry. Gradually promoting its activities, now a days, it is established as the largest and one of the best technical school of CTEVT and providing qualitative training in various technical fields.

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